Friday, January 10, 2014

MIssing a Friday and Happy CBF

Happy Craft Beer Friday.  It is a wonderful day for drinking craft beer, but so is any other day.  Somehow, I missed last Friday (maybe too much craft beer).  Anyway, a trio this week plus a writing update.

All three beers this week are from our good friends at Sam Adams.  All beers are collected in the Sam Adams Spring Brews 12 pack.  Each of the beers were poured into a SPG and enjoyed fairly early this morning I'm not ashamed to admit.

Number 1, the Maple Pecan Porter.  The beer pours like a cola, with a reddish tint to it and a small head.  An attracvtive beer.  This American porter comes in at 5/6% ABV.  The smell, sweet and malty, is followed by a nice mix of chocloate and syrupy goodness.  The taste is very good.  Pecans, a hint of vanilla, and a good balance of malty sweetness, without being too sweet.  Overall, a solid 3.

Number 2, is Cold Snap, a witbier at 5.3% ABV.  The look and smell of this beer is typical for most wheat beers, cloudy yellow with a good head and decent carbonation.  Hard not to compare this beer to Blue Moon, other than the fact this beer is a little spicier.  If you want a witbier from Sam Adams, I would suggest the Blackberry Wit--excellent beer.  This rates a 2.

Number 3, is Escape Route, a Kolsch beer at 5% ABV.  This beer was the most difficult to rate.  I liked the appearance and the smell was OK, but the beer started out tasting a little too tart for me (almost lemony), but finished with a malty sweetness.  On Sam Adams website they claim that the beer is a hybrid of an ale and a lager--maybe that's where my confusion comes in.  An oddball for sure.  I'll rate it a 3 (grudgingly).

Sidebar--look for Sam Adams Rebel IPA coming soon.  I can't wait to review this west coast-style IPA.

9 of a Kind, my first book is really coming soon (by the end of the month I hope).  I'll blog the first of the week about my writing plans for the year.

Cheers!!  It's Friday...drink up.

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