Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New Stories and More Coming...

Good morning. The saga of the busted computers continues. The desktop is kaput. The laptop trudges on and I have narrowed down the new laptop to three contenders. Now all I have to do is pull the trigger.

'The Smallest Hour' and 'Hard Times' are now for sale on Amazon. I like both of these stories and it was fun to see how 'Hard Times' had changed numerous times through the editing process.

Two more stories are on the horizon. 'Angelic Sins' is about an angel who comes to help a grieving husband, while 'DOX-20' is about a robot that causes some issues for her owner. Both stories should be on Amazon by 11/20/15.

Also in the hopper, is a Xmas story about a female devil named Glasya, (hopefully) the paperback version of 'Nine of a Kind' (including part a bonus story called 'The Shower Curtain Man.'

Gotta go. Glasya is waiting for me.

Friday, September 18, 2015

A Writer Writes...When He Has a Working Computer

Good morning. No new stories on Amazon as of yet. My desktop has died, or at least took one step closer to the great computer graveyard. My laptop is struggling through its own problems, but so far, I'm able to post this blog.

Now a writing update. The covers for 'Hard Times' and 'the Smallest Hour' are finished. The stories are edited, formatted, and ready to go. However, they are on my desktop's hard drive that crapped out last week. If everything goes as planned, both stories will be on Amazon the week of September 28th.

On the horizon, another two stories will follow the week of October 5th. One story is about an angel and the second is about a character that I am thoroughly enjoying writing about. She's a sweet girl named Bernice.

Signing off. Have to write while the laptop is perking. I might even look into buying a new computer.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Writer Writes... Always

Thursday afternoon. A productive day of writing, so far. Twelve pages for a new story, edited a recently finished story, and nearly completed the final edit for two upcoming releases. Then, wasted time planning and forecasting upcoming stories for Amazon.

Also, wasted more than an hour sifting through images for my next two releases (there are thousands of images and it takes time to pick the right one).

Animal Control is now live on Amazon. I hope you like it.

The story coming next week is called The Smallest Hour and it is about the evils of man. The following week I will release Hard Times, a story that has been changed and edited, and lengthened, and shortened, and lengthened again, and re-imagined more times than I care to remember. But I love the story.

Gotta get back to it. Thanks.

And for tomorrow, cheers and TGIF.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Go Buy My Stories!!!

Good morning. It's Friday August 14th, and by end of day, I will have 5, yes 5, stories for sale on Amazon.
This has been a long time coming and I am thrilled to finally be doing something that I truly love.

The five stories are as follows:

1. Birthday Wish -- see how a kid's robot can really foul up a birthday party.
2. Virgil's Haunts -- there are bad, grudge holding people in the world (and not all churches are good).
3. Death Waltz -- an accident leads to a man's sanity cracking to the point of no return.
4. The Salem Rocker -- who would've thought that a rocking chair could be so deadly.
5. Bernice -- my story from the Stalkers Anthology and this girl is CRAZY.

The next short story on the horizon (about a week out) is called Animal Control. It's a tough story about a community that takes their pet regulations to the extreme.

I'm having a blast publishing, writing, and editing. I hope you are enjoying them as well. Cheers.


And a HUGE thank you to J.B. (mentor), R.F. (cover girl), and my Buddy.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Total computer malfunction.  'Virgil's Haunts' will be delayed at least for a few days. Sorry.

A Bunch of Stories...

I'm back.  My writing over the last several months has been very sketchy. The desire to have my stories available on Amazon for anyone to read has consumed me.  The road has been tedious, at times difficult and confusing, but on June 25th, my first story went live on Amazon.

There are many more to come.  Please enjoy and feel free to leave any and all comments. Thanks.
A new story from my twisted catalog should be for sale on Amazon.  The story is called Virgil's Haunts and will be followed in two weeks by a story called Death Waltz.