Friday, August 14, 2015

Go Buy My Stories!!!

Good morning. It's Friday August 14th, and by end of day, I will have 5, yes 5, stories for sale on Amazon.
This has been a long time coming and I am thrilled to finally be doing something that I truly love.

The five stories are as follows:

1. Birthday Wish -- see how a kid's robot can really foul up a birthday party.
2. Virgil's Haunts -- there are bad, grudge holding people in the world (and not all churches are good).
3. Death Waltz -- an accident leads to a man's sanity cracking to the point of no return.
4. The Salem Rocker -- who would've thought that a rocking chair could be so deadly.
5. Bernice -- my story from the Stalkers Anthology and this girl is CRAZY.

The next short story on the horizon (about a week out) is called Animal Control. It's a tough story about a community that takes their pet regulations to the extreme.

I'm having a blast publishing, writing, and editing. I hope you are enjoying them as well. Cheers.


And a HUGE thank you to J.B. (mentor), R.F. (cover girl), and my Buddy.

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