Thursday, May 16, 2013


Well, the first of two consecutive weekends of back-to-back weddings is over.  A drive to South Carolina, a quick two day stay, and then back home.

I am a veteran of over two decades of wonderful marriage.  It still makes me happy to go to a wedding (every now and then), and see a young couple embark on a life together.

Am I getting soft in my middle age?

To be truthful, I dreaded the drive, both there and back, and dreaded the ceremony.  I even dreaded the reception.  But you know what, it was ok.  Really better than OK.  Good food, good friends and family, a dance with the Missus, and an open bar all added to my enjoyment.

This Saturday's wedding I am dreading also.  I'm the best man, you know the toast giver, ring monitor, and all that other jazz.

I'm sure that once I get there and the festivities begin, I will enjoy myself as is usually the case.  Again, there should be good food, good friends and family, the beautiful Missus, and for the groom's sake, an open bar.

Cheers to Zack and Jen.  And cheers to last weekend's happy couple, Sara and Christopher. 

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