Friday, October 25, 2013

CBF (Craft Beer Friday)

Friday again.  Where does the time go?  Well, as long as it's Friday, I might as well enjoy another fine craft beer.

Today's beer is from Devil's Backbone Brewery Company out of Lexington, VA.  The beer, Eight Point IPA.  The deer-themed label depicts a timid buck sipping from a pond--but this is no timid beer.

Not to argue the minutiae, but I almost want to call this an APA (American pale ale, as opposed to an India pale ale) because it was not only made here in the US, but IPAs should be more bitter and have a higher ABV than APAs, but the lines can blur.  This beer tends towards an APA.

Anyway, back to Eight Point IPA.

The beer poured a clear, deep golden color with decent head and nice lacing.  Big aromas came right away.  There is a citrus odor masking a bready, doughy scent.  It is quite pleasant.  The beer is immensely drinkable at 5.9% ABV.

The grapefruit-like taste melds well with the consistent bitterness that is typical of this beer style.  There is a nice balance of carbonation as well, easily noted as the bitter fruit taste remains even after the beer is empty.

If you try and like Eight Point IPA, I would suggest Devil's Backbone's Vienna Lager.  It was the first beer I had from DB and it is also a very good beer.

And if you try both beers and like them, go to the DB site and buy something, or send them some love.  I especially like the shirt that reads "Nelson County, Va.  More Breweries than Stoplights".

Sounds like a wonderful place to me.  New post Monday or Tuesday. 


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