Monday, October 7, 2013

Where Did the Year Go???

Opened up my blog and was shocked to see that I hadn't posted anything since August 3rd.  So I ask, where did the summer go?  It seems as though it was just Memorial Day, as opposed to Labor Day.  Hell, now Halloween is just around the corner.

What about all of those summer projects that I had planned to tackle this year?  What about playing several rounds of golf, outside with buddies, drinking beer and hanging out?  Damn.

It was a weird summer.  We had a few streaks of weather that felt almost like autumn, and very few hot and humid days (thankfully).  A mild summer makes me hope for a mild winter.  Snow is for kids, and getting out of school, and snowball battles with friends.  As an adult, snow is just not my favoirite weather.

Snow is pretty to look at, initially before it is marred by dirt, exhaust and general grime.  But it sucks when you have to shovel it, dig a car out from under it, or worry about getting anywhere.  You don't have to shovel heat or humidity.  So I try not to complain about any summer weather.

Anyway, the Steelers are currently 0-4.  I'm a realist, so I know any chance for a playoff run is extremely slim, if not impossible.  I'm still hopeful.

Coming later this week, I will finally post a blog updating my (at best) fledgling writing career and what plans I have between now and the end of the year.

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