Monday, February 10, 2014

Better Late Than Never

Hello beer fanatics, it's Monday and I'm finally posting what I had promised to post three days ago.  Better late than never.

First, let's talk about some craft beers.  I'll start with a new release from our friends at Sam Adams.  Their new beer, a west coast style IPA, is called Rebel.  I sampled this beer twice on draft and thought it was quite good.  The beer arrived in a Sam signature glass--the color was bright amber, clear, with a fair amount of bubbles, topped nicely by a thick white head.  The beer smelled of piney citrus with heavy notes of grapefruit.  The taste was bitter and typical of an IPA.  At 6.5% ABV this was a solid beer.  It's not the best IPA, but I would drink it again.

The second beer was enjoyed during the Super Bowl.  Rogue's Yellow Snow IPA is also another example of a quality beer from a great company.  The beer was sampled (I drank the whole thing) from a 1/2 gallon growler (their packaging) on that boring Sunday.  The beer first, then the Super Dud.

Rogue's Yellow Snow IPA was poured into a SPG and was a cloudy crisp yellow, with a nice off-white billowy head that yielded thick lacing.  The smell and taste were both of floral and citrus notes with a mild sweetness in the background.  Pleasant beer and easy drinking--I did finish the half gallon.  Also, if you check out any of Rogue beers, you'll find out about IBUs, degrees Plato, and Lovibond.  It's complicated...Google it.

The Super Bowl.  A football fan's best and worst day.  If your team is in it and wins it, oh happy days.  If not, you still want a good game, with good commercials, and a decent halftime show.  If you watched the game, as I did, then maybe you might agree with me.  One word, horrific.

Game was a snorefest, halftime sucked, and the commercials were just OK at best.  If it wasn't for the company of my wife and brother, great wings and chili, and lots of craft beer, I would've never made it through the day.  That's that.

The last beer I want to tell you about is Iron Maiden Trooper ESB English bitter.  This is a solid British-style beer.  A little thin in smell, taste, and even the finish, but I love Iron Maiden (the band), so I forced myself to give this a decent rating.  Bias is a bitch.

My ratings for these three beers...Rebel IPA 3, Yellow Snow IPA 3, and Iron Maiden Trooper a 3.  I guess I'm in a generous mood.

Next time, beer snobs, three brews I'm looking forward to, and a writing update.

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