Monday, April 22, 2013

Boston and beer...

First things first.  A silent, heartfelt nod to the city of Boston and the great people who live there.  What happened last Monday was a tragedy; those good people didn't deserve to have a celebration marred by someones thoughtless actions.  I know words can't fix the problems of the world, but I hope people will think about the consequences of their actions.

On to an easier topic.  Beer.  Glorious beer.  Sampled a bunch of new beers this past week, some really good, and others, quite awful.

On the good side, Sam Adams Blueberry Hill Lager.  Nice blueberry beer, with good lacing and a strong nose.  Easy drinking, smooth and refreshing.

On the awful side, Blue Moon's Blackberry Tart Ale.  Pours a nice color, but has a somewhat medicinal smell.  Little to no head and rather flat in taste.  They did however, get the tart taste.  Not very good.

If you want to try a blackberry beer, I suggest Sam Adams Blackberry Wit--excellent.

Anyway, as promised, here are a few paragraphs from Killing Machine (better late than never).

            Smug son of a bitch.  The Harmons were hateful old codgers and as to the dog being harmless, Jason had a plan for taking care of that, and soon.  And fences were expensive and when it came down to it, Jason liked the openness of his property, free from a ghastly fence ruining the view.
            “I am so sick of those fucking neighbors and their goddamned dog.  I’m going to choke them all to death, but that little shit machine is going to be first.”
            Jason mimicked the act of choking and his face looked like a red balloon as he aped strangling a small dog.  Bruno watched quietly.

Until next time, think about the folks in Boston, and then have a beer.

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