Monday, April 1, 2013

Welcome and enjoy.

Welcome to the Musings of Mr. Hyde. It is April 1st and I have no time for fools. This new blog will serve as a window into the mind of a long-time writer, though none of what I have written has ever appeared in print. 

Hopefully, this blog will be the first step in what will become a self-satisfying
writing career. Money and accolades will also help, but that will depend on the merits of my writings.

I will enter new blogs as things cross my mind, and after I mull them over, I will put them into writing. We are one day removed from the Easter holiday, so very shortly, I will post about my thoughts on Easter.

Humor, sarcasm and wit will be the basis of my musings, sprinkled in with the occasional horror and slap in the face candor. I hope you enjoy.

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