Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Orioles baseball and Easter...

April 2nd.  Easter came and went.  Today starts a new season for the Orioles. Yes, I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and a fan of the Baltimore Orioles.  Last season the Orioles gave long-suffering fans like myself a small glimmer of hope.  Going into this season I have high expectations, but with lots of reservations.  I'll keep my fingers crossed for good luck...if I were actually superstitious.

Anyway, back to Easter.  I'm not religious.  In fact, I hardly ever talk about religion to anyone.  It's best that way.  But Easter, unlike Christmas, is a busy day that ends up being crammed into one day.  Two houses to visit.  Two meals to eat, and overall, just too much.  However, as I dreaded this past Sunday like a kid with a cavity dreads the dentist, I was pleasantly surprised to have a great day.

There was no mass in the morning, just breakfast with the Missus.  Then a trip to her aunt's, followed by a trip to my mom's.  And do you know what Easter has in common with Christmas other than the Christ overtones?  It's really about being with family and sharing good times, good food, and good wine and beer.  So, it was a Happy Easter.

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