Monday, April 8, 2013

Success and Weekends...

Another weekend down the tubes.  I finished "Birthday Wishes" and for good this time.  It was a minor success.  Great weekend.  No plans, no obligations, and no where to go. 

Started with a lazy Saturday morning with the Missus.  Then I got my first real haircut in over two years.  I went with the faux-hawk and I'm not so sure, but I might be too old for this look.  We'll see.

Added two more stories to the "FINISHED" folder on Saturday.  Another success.

Nice day Sunday.  A little XBOX in the am ( I am a Black Ops 2 multiplayer junkie), followed up by a lazy afternoon and evening.  All capped off by a great dinner of crabcakes courtesy of the Missus.

Excellent weekend.  In a future post (and it won't be long), I will put up a few paragraphs from my most recent story--a robot tale.

Keep writing, you bum.

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